NPA Cyber Security (L5)

National Progression Awards (NPAs) assess a defined set of skills and knowledge in specialist vocational areas, linked to National Occupational Standards.

The NPAs in Cyber Security at SCQF levels 4, 5 and 6 provide foundation knowledge and skills in data security, digital forensics and ethical hacking — and provide a skills pipeline into the cyber security industry.

These awards are designed to raise awareness of cyber security and fill the current skills gap in this field. They will encourage learners to improve their cyber hygiene and enable them to identify security weakness safely, legally and ethically. They will also help learners to contribute more safely to virtual communities.

They are the first school-based national qualifications in cyber security to be developed and will prepare learners for further studies and future employment in this area.

Ethics and the law are fundamental aspects of these awards. Ethical considerations are included in every component Unit, and legislative considerations are included in all appropriate Units. The aim of the awards is to produce knowledgeable and skilled individuals who are aware of the potential misuses of, and unauthorised access to, computer systems but who use these competences for legal and ethical purposes.