This contains links to programming work completed during tutorial sessions with students.

Tutorial Code

https://replit.com/@ISimpson/Tutorial1 - Javascript simple selection statements

https://replit.com/@ISimpson/Tutorial1b - Javascript complex selection statements

https://replit.com/@ISimpson/Tutorial3Loops - Python Turtle showing fixed loops

https://replit.com/@ISimpson/Tutorial3LoopsModular - Python Turtle showing fixed and conditional loops with functions and procedures

https://replit.com/@ISimpson/Tutorial3WhileDoWhileComparison - Java comparison of while and do..while

https://replit.com/@familysimpson/Tutorial4 - Making columns on a main page using HTML and CSS

https://replit.com/@ISimpson/Tutorial6 - Javascript example function which converts Celsius into Fahrenheit, using actual and formal parameters

https://replit.com/@ISimpson/Tutorial6b - Javascript showing how to format currency

https://replit.com/@ISimpson/Tutorial6c - Javascript showing how to validate a number input

https://replit.com/@ISimpson/FunctionsExample - Javascript showing how to create a menu, modular code

https://replit.com/@familysimpson/HCW-CW-2019-Task-3 - Data Driven Websites - Week 1 example

https://replit.com/@familysimpson/3N5Algorithms - Input validation, traversing 1D array, running total code for N5